Virtual Fitness Programs

Virtual Fitness Programs

Virtual Fitness Programs

Having a personal trainer standing by your side to guide you through your workout can be very encouraging and help you be sure you push yourself as hard as possible.  In today’s economic climate however, it can be quite pricey to hire a trainer for each and every gym visit.  Not to mention the fact that if you happen to workout at irregular hours due to your workout schedule, trying to book these sessions can also prove to be quite the challenge.

To remedy this situation, today’s technology has focused on many virtual fitness programs that help guide you through the exercise without the need of an actual personal trainer.

Let’s have a look at some of the options that are available for you.

Wii Fit

Hitting the world by storm, Wii Fit is one of the best selling fitness games around at the moment and for good reason.  With many different forms of exercise that you can do including yoga, balancing games, strength training, aerobics, as well as fitness tests to go along with each of these, you’ll get a well rounded approach to your fitness program by utilizing this system.

Best of all, the computer will remember and identify you as a specific user so you can track how you improve as you continue on with your workouts. Look at all these different ways that you can workout on a Wii Fit!

For more information visit the official site for Wii Fit.

Expresso Virtual Training Program

There’s nothing that kills your motivation to workout faster than being stuck humming along on the boring treadmill minute after minute after minute, especially if the clock on the wall happens to be located directly in front of you.

If this is your problem, it might be time to invest in an Espresso cardio machine.  While you won’t be outdoors while using these, you’ll definitely feel like it as you stare straight ahead into a real-life looking training environment.  

If you prefer, you can also perform a chase, which adds a competitive aspect to your workout program.

The machines are available in upright or recumbent bike, so regardless of your personal preference, you will be able to get your workout in.

Learn more about the Expresso virtual training program, vist their site at

Xrkade Virtual Fitness Training

Finally the last of the virtual fitness developments that you should check out is the Xrkade. This takes gaming to a whole new level as you incorporate it right in with your fitness program.  Rather than standing still while at an arcade game, these varieties add a physical activity dimension to them and get your heart rate up while you have fun.

There’s an XR-Board that simulates a real snow or skateboarding experience, an iDance machine that allows you to test your dancing abilities, and flight simulator that has you biking to power yourself into the air.

If you know anyone who has said fitness is boring, they obviously haven’t had the experience of using one of these machines.

So next time you’re growing tired of your plain cardio workout and are thinking about dropping it entirely, you may want to consider one of these virtual fitness programs instead.  The excitement element will ensure that you keep coming back for more.

Go to to learn more about the Xrkade system.

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