Things that you should know before your first race

Things that you should know before your first race

Things that you should know before your first race

Despite running for years and enhancing your racing skills, the thought of running your first race can be a little daunting. Shifting from private practicing sessions and small events to a new level of professionalism, it is difficult to determine what to expect.

Runners at the event

The first thing that you notice when you enter the field in a variety of competitors, audiences, and volunteers. You need to expect runners from different backgrounds. Some are slime elegant runners, young racers, old participants, and also heavy runners. You need not be nervous because there will be racers who are fat and slow but you will find someone running at the same speed as you.  There will be aggressive racers who will do anything to win the race and on the other hand, you will find runners who are confident enough to win the event. You will also find runners who are partaking for the first time and are as nervous as you are.

Registering for your first race

Generally, registration for race can be done directly by visiting the organizer’s office. However, with the help of internet registration, most events can be online. If you are planning to register for an event you need to make sure that you apply a day or two before the scheduled event. You can receive your packet prior to race day. You should expect the necessary literature t-shirt and most important your bib or tag number. It is essential to wear a tag number and a proper racing outfit in order to have a good racing experience. Most runners wear professional racing outfits which makes them comfortable on the track. A proper pair of shoes is also necessary to help you easily run along the track. If you are running for a chip time race, then your packet will also contain your time chip. If you did not obtain your time chip consult any volunteer or at the chip table which may be around, near the race venue.

Better to be prepared

It is always better to be pre-organized while you run for your first race. If you collect your packet prior to the race day you have an opportunity to understand the items included and read the manual carefully.  It is important to be fit and healthy with an appropriately filled stomach, try to lighten yourself before your race, so that you do not face any issues while you are on the track. Follow the techniques that you use during practice races and do not get tempted to run faster at the beginning of the race or you may be drastically exhausted before the finishing line.    

You may expect water stations along the track; the number and distance between two water stations are decided on the length of the race. A five-kilometer race will generally have one or two water stations.  Most experienced runners increase their pace close to the finish line. You need to run faster towards the end as you can expect a large volume of racers with enhanced speed approaching the finishing line. Most organizers also arrange for refreshments and eatables for the participants that can be enjoyed after the event. These refreshments may be offered prior to or after the prize distribution ceremony. If you are well equipped with the required knowledge you can expect your first race to be a very good experience.