Running Rules To Live By

running rules to live by

Running Rules To Live By

Everyone has their own specific reason for running. Some people run to kill stress, some run to kill calories, and others may run as a way to better their health and prevent diseases that come with old age.
Regardless of why you run, there is some important running advice you should pay heed to.  The following rules for running will help you get more from each session physically while enjoying yourself more in the process.

Here’s what to think about.

Enjoy Yourself

For every runner out there who is loving every second of it, you’ll find five who are counting down the seconds until they are finished.  Far too many people view running as something that ‘has’ to be done. They set strict guidelines for themselves that they must follow with regards to pace and distance and force themselves to reach these demands with little regard to how they are actually feeling.

Remember that at the end of the day, running should be fun. Need some convincing? Watch a child run in the playground or a dog shoot out from the front door the minute you say, ‘W-A-L-K”.  Running is an inborn instinct in us and if you allow that instinct to get out, you’ll enjoy yourself.

If you still can’t get that enjoyment out of your run that you’re looking for, consider using an aid – a new pair of running shoes that make it feel as though you’re on air, a new workout CD, or a running partner who you always enjoy yourself with.  The more fun you’re having, the easier each session will be.

Accept Your Body

As you forge onward with your running career, you’re going to want to make sure your body is being filled up with plenty of healthy foods.  This is what will make you strong and keep you running your best.  Unfortunately, these healthy foods can and will produce gas, and with all that up and down motion during your run, it can be a hard battle to keep it in.  

Don’t judge another runner if he or she passes gas and you can rest assured they won’t judge you.  You may find it amusing when they do so, but make no mistake about it, you will feel awkwardly embarrassed when it happens to you.  Remember that before you scoff at them.

Listen To Your Clothes

Have that favorite pair of running shorts that you just can’t give up? Always wear that pink sports bra that just makes you feel so good the moment you put it on?

Just like a body after a long run, clothes too wear tired.  When the clothing that’s supports you is doing little more than adding extra coverage, it’s time for them to be replaced.  

Abide By The Runner’s Blow

At one point or another in every runner’s life, you’re going to be out for a run and get so stuffed up that breathing feels more difficult than that full marathon you did two years ago.  In times of need, learn to abide by the runner’s blow.  To execute correctly, take a deep breath in through the mouth, lay one forefinger against a nostril, and press in firmly.  Purse your lips, cock the head, and then exhale.

No need to measure your distance for this, just make sure you get yourself cleaned out.

So next time you’re out for a run, be sure you don’t forget these running rules.  Every runner should learn that at some point or another and if you do, you’ll be much better off because of it.