Mobile Fitness and Exercise

Mobile Fitness and Exercise

Mobile Fitness and Exercise

Mobile Fitness and Exercise

One of the most popular trends in fitness right now is mobile fitness and exercise devices.  If you’re keen on tracking things, you’ll really fall in love with what’s available.  The benefit of using these is that with a touch of a button, you can learn exact details of your workout, food intake, and anything else you may need to keep close tabs on to gauge your progress.

Let’s have a look at some of the most popular options available.

iPhone Applications

With so many people jumping onto the iPhone bandwagon and choosing to make this their cellular phone of choice, a number of applications have been developed to make your ability to stick with a fitness and diet program just that much easier.

You’ll be able to find a variety of different programs that you can instantly download to your phone including ones that will look up the calorie values in a certain food for you, keep track of those daily calories so you can be sure you hit your target, give you a quick workout option when you’re looking for a change and need something on the go, as well as help to make sure you’re staying within the healthy range for your BMI, pulse rate, blood pressure, and overall body weight.

Click on the links below to learn how you can turn your iphone into a mobile fitness campanion with these great apps.

iPod MP3’s

Another type of mobile fitness device that’s hot right now are downloadable MP3’s for your iPod player.  You’ll usually have your iPod with you when you workout, so these are convenient to carry along and follow.  

You can find mp3’s and podcasts that offer a variety of workouts utilizing tools such as exercise balls, barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, bosu balls, as well as foam rollers or you can relax with some yoga guidance from your yoga playlist.

If you’re someone who is just getting started into fitness, these MP3’s can be incredibly handy as they will provide you with the guidance that you need without having to have a personal trainer standing right by your side.  For some beginners this is a limiting factor preventing them from starting on their workout program because they can’t afford the costs of a trainer each time they visit the gym.

Learn how to take your fitness anywhere on your iPod


Finally, the last mobile fitness application to check out is the latest inventions from Nike.  If you’re someone who’s into your running, you’ll love what they have in store.  Now when you wear a Nike+ ready equiped shoe with Nike+ Sensor; along with your iPod Nano, iPod Touch, or the Nike+ SportBand; you will be able to track your distance, pace, time and calories burned as you run. Nothing is simpler than this system provided by Nike and it works ideal for those of you who happen to be training for 10km’s, half, or full marathons.

With Nike+ you can also sign-up to get access to a great set of online tools to help you train. Features the Nike+ website include:

  • Runs – where you can log and save every detail of your run
  • Goals – Set a goals, track your progress and become a better runner
  • Challenges – Compete in challenges or create your own
  • Coach – Custom training programs from top-notch coaches
  • Map it – Find a running route near you or create your own