Coolest Fitness Apps

Coolest Fitness Apps

Coolest Fitness Apps

One of the top reasons why people buy portable audio devices, such as iPods, is to have them as fitness companions. They keep us entertained and motivated while we exercise. Well, the iPhone and iPod touch has changed all that with the App Store. With the right Fitness App, your iPhone and iPod Touch can become the ultimate fitness guru. Here’s our list of the coolest fitness apps available today.

Virtual Personal Trainers

Fitness Apps – iFitness. A pocket personal trainer for your iPhone and iPod Touch. Comprehensive exercise database, exercise log, and exercise routines designed by fitness experts. It’s more than just a training journal.

Fitness Apps – Gym Trainer. Over 30 Workouts designed by Certified Personal Trainers to help you get into shape. Also has the ability to create and add your own customized workout routines.

Fitness Apps – Men’s Health Workouts. Put the power of the world’s largest men’s magazine n your hand. 23 pre-loaded workouts designed by the world’s top strength coaches, athletes, and fitness experts. A new workout is added free each week.

Fitness Apps – Women’s Health Workouts. Designed for women by the fitness experts at Women’s Health Magazine. 16 complete workouts and over 130 exercises make burning fat and building your best body easier than ever.

Fitness Apps – iPump Fitness Builder. The largest database of workouts and exercise images and videos in any app. This ultimate fitness app has the best suite of fitness tools and a real personal trainer’s one-on-one guidance.

Fitness Apps – iPump Total Body. 12 workouts with 3 levels of exercise images, videos, and audio coaching to demonstrate proper form. The intuitive tracking and logging interface will make it easy to inspire you to stay with your iPump fitness plan.

Fitness Apps – iPump Lean. The perfect App for women and teenage girls who are looking to slim down and tone up. 5 workouts containing 60 exercise images, videos, and audio coaching walking you through strength training, cardio, and yogalates (Yoga & Pilates). The intuitive tracking and logging interface will make it easy to inspire you to stay with your iPump fitness plan.

Fitness Apps – Pocket Workout. Highly-effective calisthenic exercises and routines that are structured for results and that you can take anywhere. No equipment is required. Over 20 calisthenic exercises and routines were designed with the help of soldiers from the United States Marine Core.

Virtual Training Logs

Pushing Weight. Great looking, easy-to-use gym butler that focuses on logging and planning workouts and tracking your progress. Great little app.

BodyBook Fitness Journal. Powerful and flexible workout journal with the fastest and most flexible way to record and view your training results.

Body Fitness Free. A gorgeous calendar user interfaces to record your workouts. Comes with a database of over 320 exercises with detailed instructions and pictures that allow you to create any number of customized workouts.

Gym Buddy. Are you looking for just a quick and easy way to record your workout? Gym Buddy is one of the most versatile workout logs out there.

iStayFit. A fully customizable fitness tracking solution that can be tuned to your specific exercise requirements. From Beginners to Advanced users, this virtual fitness log has everything that you need.

Fitness Log. An easy way to track exercise and workout progress, as well as weight, fat, and body measurements. An innovative keyboard-less tracking interface makes using this app 50% quicker than using regular paper logbooks.

Core and Strength Training Applications

Hundred Pushups. Six-week training program designed to get you completing 100 consecutive push ups. A great way to build upper body strength.

iPushups. A virtual training program designed to get you completing 100 consecutive push ups in eight weeks. Requires no exercise equipment.

iPump Abs & Core. 9 intense workouts geared towards helping you lose those love handles and gain a washboard stomach.

Two Hundred Situps. If you’re serious about developing your core strength, this 6 week training program will get you to complete 200 consecutive sit-ups.

General Fitness Apps

Navy SEAL Fitness. The ultimate training guide is based on The Navy SEAL Fitness Guide written by the U.S. Navy. Over 800 pages of extreme content.

iHeartrate. A Simple and fun heart rate monitor with a unique Target Heart Rate training zone meter, a calorie burn calculator, and a detailed physical profile database for monitoring Body Fat %, BMI and other important stats.