Author: cdmgym

Advances in Training Monitors

Keeping tabs on your workouts is important because it’s what will allow you to see if you’re progressing in the right direction or if perhaps it’s time to make some adjustments.  Those who go about their workouts blindly, without even realizing what they are getting out of this training and how it’s impacting their body […]

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Running Rules To Live By

Everyone has their own specific reason for running. Some people run to kill stress, some run to kill calories, and others may run as a way to better their health and prevent diseases that come with old age.Regardless of why you run, there is some important running advice you should pay heed to.  The following […]

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5K Training Program

This 12-week endurance training program goes beyond just running to lose weight and introduces you to the fun world of competitive running. During this program, you’ll incorporate fartleks, thresholds, intervals, hills, strides speed, and endurance exercises into a complete cardiovascular endurance program. When you start to the race, you give purpose to your jogging and […]

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